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Building Nurses

Building RN Work Hours

Preschool: 7:45-3:15
Elementary: 8:30-4:00
Middle School: 7:45-3:15
High School: 6:45-2:30 (see notes)
Plainfield Academy: 7:30-3:00


Bonnie McBeth Teresa Rogers 577-4155
Central ES Phylicia Malone 436-9278
Charles Reed ES Marcela Martinez 254-2160
Creekside ES Jessica Smith 577-4339
Crystal Lawns ES Lori Dela Fuente 436-9519
Eagle Pointe ES Mariangela Scardullo 577-4800
Eichelberger ES Mena Powell 577-3606
Freedom ES Deb Johnston 254-4005
Grand Prairie ES Amanda Larry 436-7000
Lakewood Falls ES Kelly Pride 439-4560
Liberty ES Charity Gjersoe 577-4117
Lincoln ES Denise Webber 577-4514
Meadow View ES Sheri Gunderson 439-4828
Ridge ES Kiara Foster 577-4675
River View ES Marie Taylor 439-4840
Thomas Jefferson ES Cheryl Tutt 577-2021
Walkers Grove ES Tracey Forkin 439-2885
Wallin Oaks ES Mary Lou Strong TBD
Wesmere ES Kristin Hunter 439-3244
Aux Sable MS Shannon Morris 577-5168
Drauden Point MS Jennifer Lennington 577-4997
Heritage Grove MS Sharon Lord 439-4810
Indian Trail MS Diana Luciano 436-6128
Ira Jones MS Kathleen Tompkins 577-4487
John F Kennedy MS Mariann Miller 577-4082
Timber Ridge MS Tina Terry 577-4493
PCHS Ruth Brick 577-4187
Susan Wolf 577-4146
PSHS Rhonda Price 577-5536
Jody Shelton 577-5538
PNHS Kim Frankel 609-8506
KF 577-4735
  Keirsten Grant
Star Plus Colleen McGarr
PEHS Mary Beth Lindemann 577-4141
Rosemary Waller
Plainfield Academy Kelli Maruna 439-5521


Additional Information

Bonnie McBeth Learning Center
The preschool programs begin at 8:00 with the morning session ending at 10:30. The afternoon session is
12:30-3:00. There are also 8:00-1:00 and 10:00-3:00 programs. The Bonnie McBeth Building RN works 7:45-
3:15. The student drop-off line begins at 7:45. If you’ve not parked by 7:45, it is very difficult to get to a
parking spot.

Elementary Schools
The elementary school day begins at 9:05 with the exception of Lakewood Falls, which begins at 8:55. Each
building decides how early students may enter the building, as early as 8:40 at LF and 8:50 at all other buildings.
Be advised that the parking lot may be difficult to navigate during kindergarten AM dismissal at 11:50
(11:40 at LF) and PM kindergarten arrival at 12:55 (12:45 at LF). The elementary school day ends at 3:40 with
the exception of Lakewood Falls, which ends at 3:30. The elementary Building RN works 8:30-4:00.

Middle Schools
The middle school day is 7:55-2:55. The middle school building RN works 7:45-3:15.

Plainfield Academy
There are four programs (PA, TAP, P-STEP & Turnabout) housed at Plainfield Academy as well as middle
school and high school students. There are several different program with different start and end times, with
the earliest start time at 7:45. The Plainfield Academy Building RN works 7:30-3:00.

High Schools
The high school day is 7:05-2:10. There are 2 high school RNs, one works 6:45-2:15 and one works 7:00-2:30.
STAR+ @PNHS works 7:30-3:00.