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Linguistic and Diversity Services


District 202’s mission is to serve the community as the primary source of comprehensive, high quality education in a trusting, supportive environment - to develop, at all levels, responsible, successful citizens by providing an education, in cooperation with home and community, which fosters each individual's value, uniqueness, and importance and promotes lifelong learning in an ever-changing society. 

Our English Learners (EL) program is committed to providing high-quality English language development instruction that values our students’ native language and culture

Program Information:

D202 provides services to meet the linguistic and academic needs of our students. D202 serves students from more than 94  language backgrounds. 

Illinois state law requires school districts to provide Transitional Bilingual Education (TBE) and/or Transitional Program of Instruction (TPI) services for students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds who have been identified as English Learners.

Please see below for the instructional program designs offered to our students.

Dual Language - One Way: English Learners from the same language background are placed in a self-contained classroom with the goal of bilingualism and biliteracy. Core academic subjects are taught in both English and the home language of the ELs. English as a Second Language instruction is provided.

Transitional Bilingual Program- Collaboration: Home language instruction occurs through a  co-teaching or pull-out model, or a classroom teacher who has a bilingual endorsement differentiates  language instruction and provides some small group instruction in the home language for part of the day  to TBE ELs. Core academic content is taught in English and the language other than English with a gradual shift to  instruction in English as student’s English proficiency increases. 

Transitional Program in English- Collaboration: Core academic subjects are taught in English. Pull-out/co-teaching instruction in core academic subjects occurs using specific strategies for ELs, or an English as a Second Language -endorsed mainstream classroom teacher differentiates language instruction and uses specific strategies for ELs. English as a Second Language instruction is provided.

updated 1/23