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House Concept

District 202 schools are assigned to a "House" based in part on their geographic location, as well as their proximity to other schools within that house.

The "House" concept is used to break a large system into smaller, more manageable systems by grouping and aligning schools to create a feeder system.

The "House" system ensures that specific elementary schools feed into specific middle schools, which in turn feed into specific high schools, producing continuity for students throughout their educational career.

District 202's Red, Green, Blue and Orange "Houses" each comprise either five or six elementary schools, two or three middle schools and one high school.

The entire educational experience of some students is limited to schools assigned to a particular house. The house concept allows teachers and administrators at each level to share a relatively common student body, and lends itself to improved communication and planning as students move from level to level.

Increased student enrollment may present a need for schools to shift between houses or for the creation of additional houses.

Regardless of the house, all District 202 students share a common curriculum. Our main goal is to provide students with a meaningful curriculum district-wide, while also personalizing the educational experience for each student.

Blue House
Plainfield South High School
Middle Schools
Aux Sable
Drauden Point
Elementary Schools
Charles Reed
Meadow View
Thomas Jefferson


Green House
Plainfield High School-Central Campus
Middle Schools
Indian Trail
Timber Ridge
Elementary Schools
Crystal Lawns
River View
Grand Prairie

Orange House
Plainfield East High School
Middle Schools
John F. Kennedy
Elementary Schools
Elizabeth Eichelberger
Lakewood Falls

Red House
Plainfield North High School
Middle Schools
Heritage Grove
Ira Jones
Elementary Schools
Eagle Pointe
Walker's Grove
Wallin Oaks

Note: Bonnie McBeth Learning Center (including the Ina Brixey Learning Center), Plainfield Academy and the Turnabout Program serve students from throughout the district and are not assigned to a particular House, but attend monthly meetings with the Red House.