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Special Ed/Student Services

Plainfield Community Consolidated School District 202 provides special education services to over 4,000 students. Those services are   provided in a full continuum of offerings and are designed by those persons most familiar with the student's needs and are in compliance with Federal and State law. Our programs cover all disability areas and range from total inclusive placement to residential placement.   Approximately 95% of the students served receive special services in their neighbor school. 
All students receiving special education services  required to have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) specifically outlining the extent, duration, and intensity of services.   The IEP is written and reviewed at least annually. As special educators in District 202, we are aware of the need to provide our challenged students with an education that prepares them for a successful adult life. We provide opportunities for students to learn the necessary skills to pursue further education, or to obtain employment.
Preparation for the transition needs of our special education students is directed toward both the classroom, for skill-based learning, and the community, for vocational education and life skills experience.
In addition to mastering academic skills within the curriculum, there is also a focus on developing positive student behaviors and interactions. Special educators are involved with:

  • Students - to help them build their strengths, understand their disabilities and learn to self advocate
  • Parents - to utilize their unique knowledge of their child in helping plan an   appropriate educational program
  • Teachers - to work with them to find teaching methods that match the needs student

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