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6:230 Library Media Program

The Library Media Program shall serve as a multi-media center which shall provide resources to students and professional staff.

The Library Media Program will focus on enlarging and enriching the on-going classroom instructional program.  Continuous upgrading of materials and programs will be the responsibility of the Building Principal with assistance from the media staff and other staff members.

Each building's collection of materials will be of a comprehensive nature, support the curriculum and provide for varied individual needs, interests, abilities, and maturity levels.

Materials should be selected on the basis of encouraging the growth of knowledge and developing literary, cultural and aesthetic appreciation and ethical standards.

There should be opportunities for free selection of materials based on the student's interest, as well as guided selection of materials appropriate to specific, planned learning experiences.

CROSS REF.:  6:220 (Instructional Materials Selection and Adoption)

ADOPTED:  November 22, 2004

UPDATED:  June 22, 2009 (title change only)